Solved Past Papers MCQS of Sub Inspector 2


Solved Past Papers MCQS of Sub Inspector 

Solved Past Papers MCQS of Sub Inspector for the preparation of NTS, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPSC, FPSC, OTS and other academic entry test and jobs tests.


1.  ln which city is the headquarters of ‘lnterpol” located

(A) Vienna

(B) New York 

(C) London 

(D) Paris 


2. Pakistan, recently, lost an important election to a United Nations body. Please identify the name of the UN body 

(A) Economic and Social Council 

(B) Security Council 

(C) Human Rights Council 

(D) None of these 


3. Which Article of the ‘1973 Constitution provides that no personal shall be deprived of life or liberty save in accordance with law

(A) Article 6 

(B) Article I 

(C) Article 9 

(D) Article 10 


4. Article 104 of the 1973 Constitution deals with

(A) Right to fair trial 

(B) Safeguards against illegal detention 

(C) Right to life 

(D) Right to free speech 


5. Right to information is provided in Article of the Constitution

(A) 15 

(B) 19 A 

(c) 128  

(D) 11 


6. Rights of Minorities, including their due representation in the government, are provided in Article _ of the Constitution 

(A) 35 

(B) 36 

(C) Both 35 and 36 

(O) None of these 


7. Who is the current inspector General of Police of Punjab

(A) Habib-ur-Rehman 

(B) Inam Ghani

(C) Zulfiqar Cheema 

(D) Aslam Tareen 


8. Borstal Jails/institutions are meant for

 (A) Women Prisoners 

(B) Condemned Prisoners 

(C) Juvenile Prisoners 

(D) Hardened Prisoners 


9. Where is the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights located

(A) New York 

(B) Menna 

(C) Geneva 

(D) Berlin 


10. Who is the present Chairman/Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

(A) Asma Jahangir 

(B) L.A Rehman 

(C) Ansar Burney 

(D) Zohra Yousaf 


11. When was the Universal Declaration on Human Rights adopted ty the United Nations

(A) 10 Dec 1949 

(B) 30 Nov 1948 

(C) 10 Dec 1948 

(D) 25 March 1950 


12.  The next senior rank to Sub inspector in Police as SHO/ inspector What does SHO stands for

(A) Senior Head Officer 

(B) Station Head Officer 

(C) Station House Officer 

(D) None of these 


13. Which Pakistani Cricketer announced retirement from ODI cricket on 10 November 2015

(A) Younas Khan 

(B) Shoaib Malik 

(C) Kamran Akmal 

(D) Danish Kaneria 


14. Sardar Ayaz Sadiq was recently re-elected as Speaker of the National Assembly. Who was the other candidate in the election 

(A) Syed Khurshid shah 

(B) Shah Mahmood Qureshi 

(C) Shafqat Mahmood 

(D) Dr Aleem Khan 


15. Name the President of Syria 

(A) Hafiz Al-Assad 

(B) Babar Al-Assad 

(C) Bashar Al-Assad 

(D) None of these 


16. The South East Asian country Myanmar was previously known by the name

(A) Siam 

(B) Yangon 

(C) Burma 

(D) Cambodia 


17. Houbara Bustard is one of the migratory birds. which is on the endangered list What is it called locally

(A) Tiloor 

(B) Chakor 

(C) Koon 

(D) Baaz 


18. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the self-styled leader of 

(A) Al Qaeda 

(B) Hezbollah 

(C) Shabab-e-Milli 



19. President of Tajikistan paid an official visit to Pakistan in November 2015 What is the name of Tajikistan’s capital

(A) Astana 

(B) Almaty 

(C) Dushanbe 

(D) Tashkent


20. Mervyn Middlecoat of Pakistan Air Force was a hero of 1965 war with India. What was his rank

(A) Group Captain

(B) Flight Lieutenant 

(C) Squadron Leader 

(D) Wing Commander

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