Election Commission of Pakistan Mcqs


Election Commission of Pakistan Mcqs

Election Commission of Pakistan Mcqs for the preparation of NTS, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPSC, FPSC, OTS and other academic entry test and jobs tests.


1. A candidate or an election agent may obtain a hard and searchable soft copy of the final electoral roll with photographs of the voters in accordance with section _______

(A)  77

(B)  78

(C)  79 

(D)  8


2. if the variation in the dis-aggregated data of men and woman is more than ___ percent, the commission should take necessary measurement that includes ___ issuance of NIC 

(A)   6 and Expedite

(B)  7 and Cancel

(C) 10 and Expedite 

(D)  9 and Stop


3. in order to contest election a candidate shall submit on form B the details of his assets and liabilities along with his spouse and children on _______day of June on form_________ 

(A)  1st June and Form A

(B) B 25th June and Form B

(C)  30th June and Form B 

(D)  15 June and Form A


4. Election agent may request RO for recount if the winning margin is_________

(A)  Less than 4 percent or 1 thousand (whichever is less) of the total votes cast

(B) Less than 5 percent or 1 thousand (whichever is less) of the total votes cast 

(C)  Less than 4 percent or 12 thousand (whichever is less) of the total votes cast

(D) Less than 3 percent or ten thousand (whichever is less) of the total votes cast


5. A challenged ballot paper is issued to a voter who has been objected by the polling agent or contesting candidate that___________

(A)  He has already cast his vote

(B)  He is criminal

(C)  He does not belong to this constituency

(D)  All of the above


6. ECP is bound to publish the result on its website within ________ from the day of polls

(A)  7 days

(B)  14 days 

(C)  21 days

(D)  28 days


7. If the turnout of women voters is less than ___________ of the total votes polled in a constituency, the Commission may presume that the women voters have been restrained through an agreement from casting their votes 

(A)  10% 

(B)  20%

(C)  30%

(D)  None of these


8. The Commission may exercise the same power as the High Court to punish any person for contempt of court and the Contempt of _____________

(A)  Court Ordinance, 2001 (V of 2001)

(B)  Court Ordinance, 2003 (V of 2003) 

(C)  Court Ordinance, 2005 (V of 2005)

(D)  None of these


9. Tendered Ballot Papers are issued in case when 

(A)  Two person claim same identity 

(B)  Blind person cast the vote

(C)  When commission staff cast votes

(D)  When contesting candidates cast their votes.


10. the result consolidation process shall be completed within __________ days after the polling day

(A)  7 days

(B)  14 days

(C)  5 days 

(D)  The very next day


11. The returned candidate is one who___________

(A) Win the election 

(B)  Loss the election

(C)  Withdraw from the election

(D)  None of the above


12. A ballot paper shall not be issued to a voter if in case

(A)  He refuses to produce CNIC

(B)  He refuses to produce thumb impression on counterfoil

(C)  He refuses to receive personal mark with indelible ink

(D)  All the above 


13. The documents retained by the commission will open for public inspection except 

(A)  Ballot papers 

(B)  Electoral rolls

(C)  Challenged ballot papers

(D)  Certification


14. Under which section of the Elections Act, 2017, the president holds the authority to announce the date for elections in consultation with the ECP

(A)  Section 56 (1)

(B)  Section 57 (1) 

(C)  Section 58 (1)

(D)  Section 59 (1)


15. Elections (Amendment) Act, 2017 was altered mistakenly which could allow

(A)   Ahmadi doesn’t run for office

(B)  Muslim doesn’t run for office

(C)  Muslims and Ahmadis run for office 

(D)  None of the above


16. Election expense should not exceed ______ and _____ for a seat of N. A and P. A respectively

(A)  4 M and 2 M 

(B)  2 M and 4 M

(C)  3 M and 3 M

(D)  5 M and 3M


17. Where the election returns are submitted on form c the assets of candidates are submitted on form_________

(A)  form A

(B)  Form B 

(C)  Form C

(D)  Form D


18. If commission fails to scrutinize the return documents of the expense then

(A)  Time of scrutiny will extend for 15 days

(B) Election tribunal will decide the case

(C)  New election will held

(D)  Returns documents will be considered correct 


19. Commission is bound to scrutinize returns of the expenses within_____ days

(A)  9 days 

(B)  6 days

(C)  3 days

(D)  15 days


20. Election expense of a candidate should not exceed______ For a seat of a senate. 

(A)  15 lac 

(B)  2 lac

(C)  3 lac

(D)  Its up to candidate

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