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Directions: Choose the correct synonyms of the given words


  1. Effusive:

(a) Overly emotional

(b) Fussy

(c) Messy

(d) Easily offended


  1. Effrontery:

(a) Shameless insolence

(b) Virtuosity

(c) Meaningless activity

(d) None of These


  1.  Eddy:

(a) Wave

(b) Whirlpool

(c) Waterfall

(d) None of these


  1. Edict:

(a) Decree

(b) Procedure

(c) Aversion

(d) Postscript


  1. Effigy:

(a) Crude image

(b) Poem

(c) Talisman

(d) None of these


  1. Echelon:

(a) Rank 

(b) Badge

(c) Directive

(d) Tabulation


  1. Ecstatic:

(a) Spellbound

(b) Fruitful

(c) Manager

(d) None of these


  1. Efflorescence:

(a) A blossoming

(b) Cryptic

(c) Budding

(d) None of these


  1. Elusive:

(a) Abstract

(b) Beg

(C) Clear

(d) Demand


  1. Elliptical:

(a) Graceful

(b) After-effects

(c) Shapeless

(d) Options


  1. Elicit:

(a) To evoke

(b) Flash

(c) Break the laws

(d) Nucleus


  1. Elements:

(a) Minor points

(b) Flowing

(c) Severe weather

(d) Erection


  1. Electrode:

(a) Polling booth

(b) Stadium

(c) Electrical terminal

(d) Moment


  1. Eleemosynary:

(a) Charitable

(b) Flowing

(c) Fawning

(d) Future


  1. Embark:

(a) To seek

(b) To board a ship

(c) To develop

(d) To exempt


  1. Embellish:

(a) To decorate

(b) Enfold

(c) To attack

(d) None of these


  1. Encroach:

(a) Trespass

(b) Weaken

(c) invest

(d) Escape


  1. Encroach:

(a) Illegal possession

(b) Explain

(c) investment

(d) College


  1. Encode:

(a) To put into code

(b) Cross out

(c) Disorder

(d) Clear


  1. Emblazon:

(a) Decorate

(b) Destroy

(c) Enrage

(d) Permit


  1. Entail:

(a) Necessitate

(b) Compute

(c) Enclose

(d) None of these


  1. Enigma:

(a) Problem

(b) Work

(c) Solution

(d) Question


  1. Engrossed:

(a) Bloated

(b) Preoccupied

(c) Offended

(d) Surrounded


  1. Encumber:

(a) Burden

(b) Unload

(c) Help

(d) To take hold


  1. Endowed:

(a) Blessed

(b) Wedding

(c) Inquire

(d) Insurance


  1. Engender:

(a) Cause

(b) Shrink

(c) Surround

(d) None of these


  1. Endure:

(a) Tolerate

(b) Dare

(c) Revise

(d) None of these

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