Directions: Choose the correct synonyms of the given words


  1. Data:

(a) Facts

(b) Ideas

(c) Belief

(d) Date


  1. Damask:

(a) Fabric

(b) Custom

(c) Disguise

(d) Screen


  1. Decipher:

(a) Decode

(b) Swindle

(C) Precise

(d) Add to


  1. Declaim:

(a) Speak rhetorically and dramatically

(b) To denounce

(C) Clarify

(d) Refuse


  1. Decade:

(a) Period of ten years

(b) Stale

(c) Pure

(d) Origin


  1. Debug:

(a) Annoy

(b) Correct faults

(c) To become less strict

(d) Rubble


  1. Debacle:

(a) Rubble

(b) Insult

(c) Disastrous collapse

(d) Complication


  1. Dawdle:

(a) Wrangle

(b) To loiter

(C) Scribble

(d) Shy away from


  1. Deficient:

(a) Covered

(b) Lacking

(c) Superfluous

(d) Defensive


  1. Deficit:

(a) Useless

(b) Loss

(c) Long

(d) Shortest


  1. Dedicate:

(a) Devoted

(b) Moral

(c) Love

(d) Worship


  1. Decry:

(a) To praise

(b) Denounce

(c) Lure on entice

(d) Catch Sight of


  1. Decry:

(a) Condemn

(b) Weep

(c) Praise

(d) Applaud


  1. Decompress:

(a) Lift

(b) Decay

(c) Reduce pressure

(d) Expand


  1. Demographic:

(a) Demons

(b) Toil

(c) Ice

(d) Population


  1. Demagogic:

(a) Advocating violence

(b) Proper

(c) Sincere

(d) Agitating politically


  1. Deliverance:

(a) Sincere

(b) Freedom

(c) Proper

(d) Support


  1. Delectable:

(a) Delicious

(b) Healthful

(c) Elaborate

(d) Freedom


  1. Defraud:

(a) To undress

(b) Cheat

(c) Criticize

(d) Exaggerate


  1. Degree-days:

(a) Thermometer readings

(b) Pollution amount

(c) Storm warnings

(d) Sunlight


  1. Deviate:

(a) Move away

(b) Devise

(c) Join

(d) Divide


  1. Deteriorate:

(a) Become worse

(b) Overthrow

(c) Scold

(d) To expose to danger


  1. Detention:

(a) Act of confining

(b) Safekeeping

(c) Easing of tension

(d) None of these


  1. Desultory:

(a) Disconnected

(b) Thoughtless

(c) Slanderous

(d) Concentrated


  1. Desire for knowledge:

(a) Craving

(b) Curiosity

(c) Pining

(d) Longing


  1. Despotic:

(a) Tyrannical

(b) Long

(c) Short

(d) fated


  1. Dicker:

(a) Bargain

(b) Shake

(c) Waiver

(d) To complain


  1. Dichotomy:

(a) Diversion 

(b) Argument

(c) illness

(d) Incomplete


  1. Devise:

(a) To alter

(b) Trick

(C) Plan

(d) Counsel


  1. Dexterous:

(a) Beneficial

(b) Skillful

(c) Just

(d) Dishonest


  1. Diagnosis:

(a) Identification of an illness

(b) Prophecy

(c) Plan

(d) Likeness


  1. Discard:

(a) Prefer

(b) Reject

(c) Disagree

(d) Renounce

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