Directions: Choose the correct synonyms of the given words


  1. Lavish:

(a) Vain

(b) Extravagant

(C) Demolish

(d) Lane


  1. Lapidary:

(a) Pertaining to polished gems

(b) Hard to understand

(C) Rippling

(d) None of these


  1. Labyrinthine:

(a) Studied

(b) Complicated

(c) Blanket

(d) False story


  1. Lair:

(a) Trap

(b) Den

(c) Story

(d) Blanket


  1. Languid:

(a) Listless

(b) Active

(c) Soft

(d) None of these


  1. Ladylike:

(a) Refined

(b) Charged

(c) Rage

(d) Full of knowledge


  1. Longing:

(a) Long

(b) Desire

(c) Divide

(d) Big


  1. Limerick:

(a) Humorous verse

(b) Song

(c) Nursery rhyme

(d) None of these


  1. Loggia:

(a) Marsh

(b) Gallery

(c) Pathway

(d) Wooded area


  1. Locus:

(a) A place

(b) Presence

(c) Cartier

(d) None of these


  1. Linchpin:

(a) Gallows

(b) Axle part

(c) Lapel jewellery

(d) None of these


  1. Luminary:

(a) Planet

(b) Celebrity

(c) Engineer

(d) Lamp stand


  1. Loll:

(a) Calm

(b) To lounge

(c) Hum

(d) Flatter


  1. Lope:

(a) A long, easy stride

(b) Floppiness

(c) An overhang

(d) Curving


  1. Lucrative:

(a) Easy

(b) Rewarding

(C) Beautiful

(d) Attractive


  1. Loquacious:

(a) Talkative

(b) Pleasant

(c) Gossipy

(d) Good at languages


  1. Lien:

(a) Legal claim

(b) Formal offering

(c) False statement

(d) Sales invoice


  1. Litigation:

(a) Complaint

(b) Lawsuit

(c) Reconciliation

(d) None of these


  1. Levy:

(a) Impose

(b) Balance

(c) To keep within limits

(d) None of these


  1. Lesion:

(a) Injury

(b) Fastening

(c) Throng

(d) Division


  1. Leach:

(a) To filter

(b) Cloth

(c) Steal openly

(d) Mix together


  1. Laxity:

(a) Looseness

(b) Immoral

(c) Lean

(d) Laugh


  1. Laborious:

(a) Hard

(b) Easy

(c) Swelling

(d) Willful


  1. Lacerate:

(a) Tear

(b) Mend

(c) Lass

(d) Rest


  1. Lofty:

(a) Lowly

(b) Elevated

(c) Around

(d) Only

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