Directions: Choose the correct synonyms of the given words


  1. Abate:

(a) Lessen

(b) Essence

(c) Boast

(d) Obvious


  1. Abbreviation:

(a) Medium form

(b) Long-form

(c) Short form

(d) Paraphrase


  1. Abdicate:

(a) Harass

(b) Disperse

(c) To resign

(d) Trick


  1. Abode:

(a) Adorn

(b) Hate

(c) Dislike

(d) Dwelling place


  1. Abhor:

(a) Adorn

(b) Hate

(c) Admire

(d) Restaurant


  1. Abolish:

 (a) Do away with 

(b) Simplify

(c) Complete

(d) Carry away


  1. Abreast:

(a) Smart

(b) Opposite

(c) informed

(d) Side by side


  1. Abstemious:

(a) Diligent

(b) Confused

(c) Moderate

(d) Sophisticated


  1. Abundant:

(a) Excess

(b) Lean

(c) Scarcity

(d) Access


  1. Accelerate:

(a) Impede

(b) Be enliven

(c) To surpass

(d) Increase the seed of


  1. Accentuate:

(a) Agree

 (b) Emphasize

(c) To speed up

(d) Act strongly


  1. Access:

(a) Large surplus

(b) Means of entering

(c) An elongated

(d) Keeping in repair


  1. Acclamation:

(a) Appointment

(b) Possession of something old

(c) Harmony of feeling

(d) Enthusiastic approval


  1. Acclimation:

(a) Decline

(b) Keenness

(c) Storm’s start

(d) Adaptation


  1. Accomplice:

(a) Companion in crime


(c) Rival

(d) Idle


  1. Accumulate:

(a) To pile

(b) To collect

(c) To irritate

(d) To store


  1. Acerbate:

(a) Claim positively

(b) Scour

(c) To irritate

(d) Accuse


  1. Acerbic:

(a) Weak

(b) Calm

(c) Obvious

(d) Bitter


  1. Acidulous:

(a) Self-righteousness

(b) Provocative

(c) Bitter

(d) Indolent


  1. Acrimonious:

(a) Cheap

(b) Provocative

(c) Bitter

(d) Volatile


  1. Acronym:

(a) Timetable

(b) Witty words

(c) Word formed from initials

(d) Precise


  1. Acuity:

(a) Honestly

(b) Bitterness

(c) Keenness

(d) Physical fit


  1. Acupuncture:

(a) Medical treatment

(b) Deflation

(c) Tender

(d) Sicken


  1. Adamant:

(a) Stubborn

(b) Lovely

(c) Good-natured

(d) Ugly


  1. Addict:

(a) Insist

(b) Predict

(c) Habituated

(d) Insult


  1. Addicted:

(a) Upset

(b) Furious

(c) Habitually dependent



  1. Addle:

(a) Increase

(b) Move

(C) To confuse

(d) Sour


  1. Adhere:

(a) Appreciate

(b) Stick

(c) Adopt

(d) Avoid


  1. Adjudicate:

(a) Determine the boundaries of

(b) Determine judicially

(c) To accuse

(d) Renounce or swear off


  1. Admonition:

(a) Warning

(b) Preamble

(c) Weapon

(d) Alarm


  1. Admonitory:

(a) Low-handed

(b) Glad

(c) Tracking

(d) Reproving


  1. Adroit:

(a) Skillful

(b) Deficient

(c) Hard-hearted

(d) Surprising


  1. Adulterate:

(a) Smoke

(b) Purify

(c) To cook

(d) Make impure


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