Directions: Choose the correct synonyms of the given words


  1. Bacchanal:

(a) Racial

(b) Drunken party

(c) Show

(d) Journey


  1. Baedeker:

(a) Traveler’s guide book

(b) Berth

(c) Card game

(d) German spa


  1.  Baffle:

(a) Knock about

(b) To mock

(c) Confuse

(d) Strike


  1. Baleful:

(a) Ominous

(b) Filthy

(c) Spacious

(d) Arrogant


  1. Balm:

(a) Mercy

(b) Soothes

(c) Annoy

(d) Blesses


  1. Bamboozle:

(a) Cheat

(b) Walk on the bamboo stick

(c) Hackle

(d) Make nervous


  1. Bandit:

(a) Gentleman

(b) Police officer

(c) Pickpocket

(d) A robber


  1.  Bandoleer:

(a) Shoulder belt

(b) Bag

(c) Pouch

(d) Lace of the shoe


  1. Barbarian:

(a) Native

(b) Foreigner

(c) Civilized

(d) Uncivilized


  1. Bashful:

(a) Shy

(b) Courageous

(c) Coward

(d) Beautiful


  1. Bask:

(a) Be modest

(b) To lie down

(c) Luxuriate in pleasant warmth

(d) Run away


  1. Batter:

(a) Strike repeatedly

(b) To make refined

(c) Jump

(d) Run away


  1. Bearing:

(a) Mass

(b) Background

(c) Confusion

(d) Relevance


  1. Befit:

(a) Place aside

(b) To start

(c) Be suitable for

(d) Get up


  1. Beguile:

(a) To annoy

(b) Charm

(c) To deceive

(d) To laugh


  1. Beguile:

(a) To shun

(b) To charm

(c) To deceive

(d) To laugh


  1. Belabor:

(a) Push aside

(b) Receive a verity

(c) To exert effort

(d) Force to labor


  1. Bellicose:

(a) Naval

(b) War-like.

(c) Amusing

(d) Piecemeal


  1. Bemuse:

(a) Deceive

(b) Bewilder

(c) Enjoy

(d) Mock


  1. Benediction:

(a) Union

(b) Of two

(c) Basic

(d) Blessing


  1. Benevolent:

(a) Just

(b) Cruel

(c) Kind

(d) Inspire


  1. Benign:

(a) Cruel

(b) Gentle

(c) Generous

(d) Prophet-like


  1. Bequeath:

(a) Send summons

(b) Leave by will

(c) Advise

(d) Beat severely


  1. Berate:

(a) Group

(b) Scold

(c) Degrade

(d) Estimate


  1. Beveled:

(a) Amusing

(b) Straight

(c) Sloping

(d) Grouped


  1. Bias:

(a) Provided

(b) Impulse

(c) Prejudice

(d) Degrade


  1. Bicameral:

(a) Disputed

(b) Woven together

(c) Having two chambers

(d) An upward curving


  1. Bicker:

(a) Fright

(b) Offend

(c) Purchase

(d) Squabble


  1. Bigot:

(a) Sick

(b) Oneness

(c) Racist

(d) Downward


  1. Bilingual:

(a) Clear the expression of ideas

(b) Of the brain

(c) Talkative

(d) Using two languages


  1. Binary:

(a) Bond

(b) Two things

(c) Complicated elements

(d) Spare parts SWERS

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