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Directions: Choose the correct synonyms of the given words


  1. Mandarin:

(a) Influential person

(b) Avenue

(c) Guard

(d) None of these


  1. Malign:

(a) Respect

(b) Condemn

(c) Reconcile

(d) None of these


  1. Malice:

(a) Hatred

(b) Desire

(c) Manner

(d) None of these


  1. Malediction:

(a) A curse

(b) Desire

(c) Language

(d) Addiction


  1. Macrobiotics:

(a) Dietary system

(b) Genetics

(c) Surgery

(d) Artwork


  1. Mainstay:

(a) Trend

(b) Stimulant

(c) Chief support

(d) Conclusion


  1. Make angry:

(a) intensity

(b) Infuriate

(c) Immoderate

(d) Actuate


  1. Menace:

(a) Brave

(b) Threat

(c) Disaster

(d) Strong


  1. Megavitamin:

(a) A large dosage of vitamins

(b) Balanced diet

(c) Few vitamins

(d) Discovered vitamin


  1. Memoir:

(a) Reminder

(b) Biographical sketch

(c) Special rocket

(d) Cover-up


  1. Melancholy:

(a) Sad

(b) Wishful

(c) Mellow

(d) None of these


  1. Muted:

(a) Muffled

(b) Altered

(c) Break

(d) None of these


  1. Multimedia:

(a) Modes of communication

(b) Anxieties

(c) Political expedients

(d) None of these


  1. Multifaceted:

(a) Two-faced

(b) Having many aspects

(c) inventive

(d) Splintered


  1. Moor:

(a) Open wasteland

(b) Pasture

(c) Isolated castle

(d) Mountain scene


  1. Morose:

(a) Sullen

(b) Quiet

(c) Stupid

(d) Concentrated


  1. Mosaic:

(a) Oils

(b) Bits of tiles

(c) Tempera

(d) Pastels


  1. Meager:

(a) Small

(b) Big

(c) Good

(d) None of these


  1. Maze:

(a) Myth

(b) Labyrinth

(c) Mist

(d) Blur


  1. Mausoleum:

(a) Tomb

(b) Arch

(c) Column

(d) Tower


  1. Mansard:

(a) Double-sloped roof

(b) Large barn

(c) Terrace on top of the roof

(d) None of these


  1. Marital:

(a) War

(b) Manliness

(c) Marriage

(d) Merchandising


  1. Monetarism:

(a) Royalty

(b) Money

(c) Stars

(d) Earth


  1. Mode:

(a) Manner

(b) Disposition

(c) Small table

(d) Revision


  1. Module:

(a) Outline

(b) Standardized unit

(c) imitation

(d) None of these


  1. Micro:

(a) Opaque

(b) Small

(c) Complete

(d) Metallic


  1. Minaret:

(a) Dance

(b) Mosque tower

(c) Music box

(d) None of these


  1. Mince:

(a) Chop fine

(b) To dry

(c) Trim a crust

(d) None of these


  1. Misapprehension:

(a) Wrong

(b) Mistaken idea

(c) Trickery

(d) Unfair seizure


  1. Mitigate:

(a) Simply

(b) Lessen

(C) Proclaim

(d) Intensify

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