Directions: Choose the correct synonyms of the given words


  1. Cachet:

(a) Prestige

(b) Hiding place

(c) Booklet

(d) Cover up


  1. Cacophony:

(a) Applause

(b) Dance

(c) Discordant

(d) Type of telephone


  1. Cadge:

(a) Trick

(b) Path

(c) Disclose

(d) Beg


  1. Caesarean:

(a) Surgical operation

(b) Volume

(c) Crafty

(d) Outstanding


  1. Calamity:

(a) Separate

(b) Problem

(c) Disaster

(d) injury


  1. Calamity:

(a) Unlucky

(b) Problem

(c) Trouble

(d) Tragedy


  1. Caldron:

(a) Whirlpool

(b) Beauty

(c) Large kettle

(d) Monument


  1. Calligraphy:

(a) Blood pressure

(b) Handwriting

(c) Computers

(d) Brain waves


  1. Callow:

(a) Superficial

(b) inexperienced

(c) Hard

(d) Deadly


  1. Cameo:

(a) Vignette

(b) Wit

(c) Present

(d) Fallacy


  1. Candid:

(a) Enmity

(b) Frank, open

(c) Partial

(d) Exquisite


  1. Cannonade:

(a) A state of unconsciousness

(b) Continuous gunfire

(c) Make laws

(d) Backfire


  1. Caparison:

(a) Contradict


(c) A covering

(d) Strengthen


  1. Carapace:

(a) Bony covering

(b) Showroom

(c) Presence

(d) Space object


  1. Cardigan:

(a) Open-front sweater

(b) Fisherman’s lure

(c) Type of hat

(d) Raring skirt


  1. Cardinal:

(a) Obvious

(b) Unique

(c) Principal

(d) Egregious


  1. Caress:

(a) Adore

(b) Kiss

(c) Hate

(d) Fondle


  1. Cargo:

(a) Merchant ship

(b) Goods

(c) Aeroplane

(d) Boat


  1. Carnivore:

(a) That is dangerous

(b) That is wild

(c) That feeds on flesh

(d) That is not mature


  1. Carrion:

(a) Corpse

(b) Ugly

(c) A song-bird

(d) Nimble footed


  1. Castellated:

(a) Stripped of everything


(c) Like a castle

(d) Permanently changed


  1. Casuistry:

(a) Showy display

(b) Subtlety

(c) Offhand manner

(d) Brilliance


  1. Cataract:

(a) Ravine

(b) Underground

(c) Source

(d) Waterfall


  1. Catastrophe:

(a) Fortune

(b) Hospital for cats

(c) A trophy won

(d) Calamity


  1. Catatonic:

(a) Music

(b) Wisdom

(c) Inert

(d) Annoyed


  1. Catechism:

(a) Series of questions

(b) Rules of cult

(c) Abuses

(d) Religious faith


  1. Categorical:

(a) Eloquent

(b) Bureaucratic

(C) Distinct and dear

(d) High-minded


  1. Cater:

(a) Try to please

(b) Degrade

(c) To improve

(d) Lure on


  1. Catharsis:

(a) Intensified

(b) Exhaustion

(c) Emotional release

(d) Exhibition of courage

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