Sentence Completion Mcqs

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Sentence Completion Mcqs

Sentence Completion Mcqs for the preparation of NTS, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPSC, FPSC, OTS and other academic entry test and jobs tests.


1. Our school’s basketball team is going great guns in the tournament. They have

(a) Lost every game

(b) Won two out of four games

(c) won every game

(d) None of these


2. He was treated like a —– and cast out from his community

(a) ascetic

(b) Prodigy

(c) prodigal

(d) Pariah


3. A —— child, she was soon bored in class; she already knew more mathematics than her junior school teachers

(a) Obdurate

(b) Querulous

(c) Precocious

(d) Recalcitrant


4. One who fights for the sake of money is called ——

(a) machinist

(b) Fanatic

(c) Patriotic

(d) Mercenary


5. _______ by nature, Jones spoke very little even to his own family members

(a) Garrulous

(b) Equivocal

(c) Taciturn

(d) Arrogant


6. Aslam Khan is eighty years old so he is called —-

(a) septuagenarian

(b) Octogenarian

(c) Centenary

(d) immortal


7. Some critics maintain that Tennyson’s poetry is uneven, ranging from the —- to the —–

(a) Sublime – elevated

(b) Trite – inspired

(c) Vacuous – inane

(d) Succinct – laconic


8. Capable of dealing with many subjects is called —–

(a) stoic

(b) Popular

(c) Versatile

(d) Gregarious


9. One who looks at the dark side of things is called — 

(a) optimist

(b) Pessimist

(c) Wanderer

(d) Monarchy


10. To be expert in using hands is called ——

(a) Dexterous

(b) Crude

(c) Ingenuous

(d) Versatile


11. A person who feels sorry for a wrong he has done is called —–

(a) literate

(b) Illiterate

(c) Compunctious

(d) Overt


12. When one discovers that everything is not really all that fine and dandy, they discover that something is not a “bed of …” Complete the idiomatic phrase

(a) Daisies

(b) Wild flowers

(c) Daffodils

(d) Roses


13. The revolution in art has not lost its steam; it ______ on as fiercely as ever

(a) Trudges

(b) Meanders

(c) Edges

(d) Rages


14. A disease or accident which ends in death is called —– 

(a) Fatal

(b) Drawn

(c) Fastidious

(d) illegal


15. Each occupation has its own ______ bankers, lawyers and computer professionals, for example, all use among themselves language which outsiders have difficulty following

(a) Merits

(b) Disadvantages

(c) Rewards 

(d) Jargon

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