Directions: Choose the correct synonyms of the given words


  1. Profane:

(a) Believe

(b) Treat with disrespect

(c) To struggle against

(d) None of these


  1. Pretence:

(a) Anxiety

(b) Something pretended

(c) Shrewdness

(d) Arrogance


  1. Prestigious:

(a) Harvey

(b) Honoured 

(c) Notorious

(d) Wise


  1. Presentiment:

(a) Appearance

(b) Hunch

(c) Donation

(d) None of these


  1. Putative:

(a) Supposed

(b) Doubtful

(c) Punishment

(d) Undeniable


  1. Precipitation:

(a) A lowering

(b) Rain

(c) Evaporation

(d) Humidity


  1. Provoke:

(a) To make angry

(b) To devise

(c) To attack

(d) To decide


  1. Proficient:

(a) Efficient

(b) Expert

(c) Qualified

(d) Clumsy


  1. Promulgate:

(a) To force upon others

(b) invert

(c) Announce

(d) Start a rumour


  1. Prolix:

(a) Circuitous

(b) Long-winded

(c) Silent it

(d) Efficient


  1. Proficient:

(a) Skilled

(b) Announce

(c) Fussy

(d) None of these


  1. Providence:

(a) lit-fate

(b) Divine direction

(c) Act of kindness

(d) None of these


  1. Prophetic:

(a) Angry

(b) Predicting

(c) Obscure

(d) Ancient


  1. Prostrate:

(a) To plead

(b) Lay flat

(c) Strive

(d) Complain


  1. Prognosis:

(a) Prediction

(b)Type of pause

(c) Plan or plot

(d) None of these


  1. Plaintiff:

(a) Sues

(b) Asks

(c) Sad

(d) None of these


  1. Platitude:

(a) Clear

(b) Commonplace

(C) Sympathy

(d) Clean


  1. Polemic:.

(a) Controversy

(b) Spasm

(c) Victory song

(d) Argument


  1. Piedmont:

(a) Area at the base of a mountain

(b) Winding trail

(c) Open market

(d) None of these


  1. Polymath:

(a) Great scholar

(b) Problem

(c) Adult frog

(d) Greatness


  1. Ponderous:

(a) Sleepy

(b) Thoughtful 

(c) Heavy

(d) Unyielding


  1. Posthumous:

(a) Happening after


(c) large

(d) None of these


  1. Perpetuate:

(a) Continue

(b) influence

(c) Permanent

(d) None of these


  1. Pendulous:

(a) Soft

(b) Hanging

(c) Thoughtful

(d) None of these


  1. Palpitate:

(a) Beat rapidly

(b) Touching

(c) Grow soft

(d) Twist back and forth


  1. Pallid:

(a) Pate

(b) Glowing

(c) Smooth

(d) None of these


  1. Paucity:

(a) Good

(b) Scarcity

(c) Hardly

(d) None of these


  1. Phlegmatic:

(a) Sick

(b) Calm

(c) Bloated

(d) None of these


  1. Panorama:

(a) Excitement

(b) Extensive view

(c) Splendid array

(d) Image


  1. Profuse:

(a) Spare

(b) Lavish

(c) Explosive

(d) Depressed

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