Solved Past Papers MCQs of Lecturer English


Solved Past Papers MCQs of Lecturer English


Solved Past Papers MCQs of Lecturer English for the preparation of NTS, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPSC, FPSC, OTS, and other academic entry tests and jobs tests.


1. In “Oedipus the King”, whose murder must be avenged to end the plague in Thebes

A) Creon’s

B) Polybus’s

C) Laius’s

D) Polynices


2. How does Othello kill Desdemona

A) He stabs her

B) He smothers her

C) He strangles her

D) He beats her to death


3. In “Old Man and Sea”, on the night before he promises Manolin to go “far out” to sea, of what does Santiago dream

A) A great storm

B) A beautiful woman

C) Lions on the beach

D) A wrestling match


4. Adam Bede is an example of which School of writing

A) Realism

B) Expressionism

C) Victorian

D) High School


5. What is one of the reasons (in Poetics by Aristotle) poetry emerged

A) The rise of court music

B) The necessity for public entertainment

C) Man’s instinct for imitation

D) The instinct for dance


6. According to Aristotle, what is the most important element of tragedy

A) Comedy

B) Plot

C) Character

D) Thought


7. What is the least important element of a tragedy

A) Diction

B) Plot

C) Spectacle

D) Song


8. From which poem of Robert Frost is the following line extracted? “Earth’s the right place for love”

A) Mowing

B) Birches

C) The Earth and other places for love

D) Desert places


9. A child’s expansive vocabulary is directly corrected with

A) Parents verbally interacting with them

B) Parents’ IQ

C) Parents’ age

D) Parents’ own vocabulary


10. Keats describes human life as a mansion of many ……

A) Apartments

B) Dining rooms

C) Windows

D) Books


11. What purpose does Milton state for writing Paradise Lost

A) To show how God defeated the rebellious angels

B) To justify the ways of God to man

C) To prove the superiority of Protestantism over Catholicism

D) To show how Adam and Eve made their way out of


12. Where is Elizabeth when Darcy first proposes to her

A) At Netherfield

B) At home

C) At Charlotte’s home in Kent

D) At Pemberley


13. Language is most accurately defined as a system that allows for communication with others

A) Images

B) Vocalizations

C) Symbols

D) Words


14. Which Russian leader do Napoleon most resemble in Orwell’s Animal Farm

A) Stalin

B) Trotsky

C) Tsar Nicholas

D) Khrushchev


15. What Russian institution does the raver Moses evoke In Orwell’s Animal Farm

A) The Secret Police

B) The Congress

C) The Russian Orthodox Church

D) The Education Syst


16. Chomsky’s theory of language development emphasized

A) Learned and conditioning principles

B) Innate structures and biological mechanisms

C) The language support system provided by parents

D) Children’s cognitive abilities


17. Researchers have found that bilingualism

A) Has a negative effect on children’s cognitive development

B) Has a positive effect on children s cognitive development

C) Confuses children in regard to language development

D) Results in children scoring lower than monolingual children on intelligence tests


18. Which of these pairs are not dramatic foils to each other

A) Othello and Iago

B) Desdemona and Emilia

C) Othello and Cassio

D) Lago and Cassio


19. Who is Christine’s counterpart in ‘The Orestela’

A) Electra

B) Ctylemnestra

C) Iphigenia

D) Nemesis


20. What kind of government does Salem have in Miller’s “The Crucible”

A) Democracy

B) Clytemnestra

C) Monarchy

D) Kleptocracy


21. Which destination do Catherine and Henry claim they have come to Switzerland to visit A Farewell to Arms

A) Lucerne

B) Murren

C) Locarno

D) Montreux


22. In later life, what nickname did Hemingway assume to convey a sense of strength, wisdom and mastery

A) Sensei

B) Top Cat

C) Papa

D) Big Kahuna


23. What prank does Puck play on Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A) He transforms him into a bear

B) He steals his clothes

C) He changes his voice into that of a wood thrush

D) He changes his head into that of an ass


24. With whose help does Clytemnestra slaughter her husband Agamemnon

A) Orestes

B) Aegisthus

C) Cassandra

D) Electra


25. Which of the following do Oedipus and his father Laius have in common

A) They both correctly answered the riddle of the Sphinx

B) They both disobeyed the commands of the gods

C) They both slept with Antigone

D) They both tried to override their fate


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