world records

World Information Quiz for the preparation of PPSC , SPSC , KPSC , BPSC , AJKPSC , NTS , OTS and other academic entry test and jobs test.

The fastest flying bird is
In 1967 which state declared itself atheist state
Where is the world’s oldest university
Which country first used pepper
Driest place on earth situated in
Where is the continuously world’s oldest democracy
World’s oldest National Anthem is of
Floppy discs first introduced by which company
First woman who become a cosmonaut
Most common disease in the world
First black woman elected to the U.S. Congress
Modern banknotes first used in
Longest coastline is situated in
The oldest written constitution of government in effect is 
Old age pensions first introduced by which country
According to Greek myth who was the first woman
World's oldest zoo located in
The most severe storm type is
In 1747 first public library opened in