Directions: Choose the correct synonyms of given words


  1. Obviate:

(a) To point out

(b) Make unnecessary

(c) Clarify

(d) Improve


  1. Omnipresent:

(a) All knowing

(b) Ubiquitous

(c) Threatening

(d) Hovering


  1. Overwhelm:

(a) Pass for

(b) Overpower

(c) Pay for

(d) Operate


  1. Orthodox:

(a) Ancient minded

(b) Laughter

(c) Social

(d) Customary


  1. Oracle:

(a) Wise person

(b) Widely known bird

(c) Round opening

(d) Composition


  1. Ombudsman:

(a) Emotioner

(b) Complaint receiver

(c) Nurseryman

(d) Protocol


  1. Oblique:

(a) Indirect or evasive

(b) Change

(c) Secretive

(d) Crowded together


  1. Ovation:

(a) Gap

(b) Prize

(c) Applause

(d) Working


  1. Opulence:

(a) Beauty

(b) Wealth

(c) Roundness

(d) Squalor


  1. Oenophile:

(a) Wine

(b) Exotic food

(c) Decorations

(d) Cooking


  1. Orthotics:

(a) impaired limbs

(b) Drugs

(c) Eyes

(d) irregular


  1. Osmosis:

(a) Desert well

(b) Diffusion of fluids

(c) Query

(d) Withdrawing


  1. Obsequious:

(a) Very disagreeable

(b) Excessively submissive

(c) Sentiments

(d) None.of these


  1. Occlude:

(a) To complete

(b) Block

(c) Reflect

(d) Solidify


  1. Odious:

(a) Hateful

(b) Offensive

(c) Open

(d) Overcome

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