Solved Past Papers MCQs of MDCAT 3

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Solved Past Papers MCQs of MDCAT for the preparation of Medical and Dental College Admission Test and other medical tests.


Q.51 Which one of the following is a postulate of kinetic theory of gases?

A) Molecules do not exert force on each other

B) The size of molecules is much larger than separation between the molecules

C) A finite volume of gas consists of a very small number of molecules

D) The gas molecules are not in random motion


Q.52 Which one is not an irreversible process?

A) Slow compression of a gas into a cylinder C) Explosion

B) Changes due to friction D) Dissipation of energy


Q.53 Electric intensity is a vector quantity and its direction is

A) Perpendicular to the direction of field C) At a certain angle

B) Opposite to the direction of force D) Along the direction of force


Q.54 The magnitude of an electric field between two separated plates can be calculated by the relation

A) ΔV = Ed   C) ΔV =E/qo

B) ΔV = E/d   D) E =d/ΔV


Q.55 SI unit of electric flux is

A) NmC-1 C) Nm2C-2

B) Nm-2C-2 D) Nm2C-2


Q.56 The equivalent current which passes from a point at higher potential to a point at a lower potential as if it represented a movement of positive charges is

A) Electronic current C) Magnetic lines

B) Electric current D) Conventional current


Q.57 If ‘V’ is applied potential difference across a resistance ‘R’, then loss in potential energy per unit time is

A) VI    C) V2/R

B) I2R   D) All of the above


Q.58 The substances like germanium and silicon have

A) Negative temperature coefficients C) Both A and B

B) Positive temperature coefficients D) None of the above




Q.59 Seawater has 5.65 x 10-3 g of dissolved oxygen in one kilogram of water. Concentration of O2 in parts per million is

A) 5.65 C) 5.20

B) 7.69 D) 4.11


Q.60 Metallic conduction involves the relatively free movement of their _________ throughout the metallic lattice

A) Atoms C) Electrons

B) Molecules D) Ions


Q.61 In an electrochemical series, standard electrode potentials are arranged on the basis of:

A) pH scale C) Hydrogen Scale

B) pOH scale D) pKa scale


Q.62 The reaction which is responsible for the production of electricity in the Voltaic cell is:

A) Hydrolysis reaction C) Redox reaction

B) Oxidation reaction D) Reduction reaction


Q.63 Glucose is converted into ethanol by the enzyme _______ present in yeast:

A) Urease C) Sucrase

B) Invertase D) Zymase


Q.64 The rate of reaction involving ions can be studied by __________ method

A) Dilatometric C) Optical rotation

B) Refractometric D) Electrical conductivity


Q.65 When one mole of gaseous hydrogen ions are dissolved in water to form an infinitely dilute solution, the amount of heat liberated is

A) -1891 kJmol-1 C) -499 kJmol-1

B) -1075 kJmol-1 D) -1562 kJmol-1


Q.66 Energy required to remove an electron from the outermost shell of its isolated gaseous atom in the ground state is

A) Electron affinity C) Ionization energy

B) Lattice energy D) Crystal energy


Q.67 Which of the following carbonates of alkali metals is not stable towards heat and is decomposed on heating to its oxide along with liberation of CO2?

A) Li2CO3 C) K2CO3

B) Mg2CO3 D) Na2CO3


Q.68 The presence of calcium is essential for the normal development of plants. An adequate supply of calcium appears to stimulate the development of which part of the plants?

A) Leaves C) Root hairs

B) Fruits D) Branches


Q.69 Which of the following sulphates is not soluble in water?

A) Sodium Sulphate C) Potassium Sulphate

B) Barium Sulphate D) Zinc Sulphate


Q.70 The trend in the densities of elements of Group III-A of the Periodic Table is

A) A gradual increase C) First decrease then increase

B) A gradual decrease D) First increase then decrease


Q.71 White lead has one of the following properties

A) Acidic C) Amorphous

B) Crystalline D) Neutral


Q.72 The strongest acid among the following is

A) HF C) HCl

B) HI D) HBr


Q.73 The noble gas which is used in radiotherapy of cancer is

A) Radon C) Krypton

B) Xenon D) Argon


Q.74 Paramagnetic behavior of an atom, ion or molecule is due to presence of

A) Unpaired electrons C) Protons

B) Paired electrons D) Neutrons


Q.75 The geometry of the complexes depends upon the type of ________ taking place in the valence shell of the central metal atom

A) Hybridization C) Deprotonation

B) Protonation D) Dissociation



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