Solved Past Papers MCQs of MDCAT 3


Solved Past Papers MCQs of MDCAT for the preparation of Medical and Dental College Admission Test and other medical tests.


Q.101 Sublimation is used to purify

A) Ammonium sulphate C) Benzoic acid

B) Sodium chloride D) Lead carbonate


Q.102 The purity of a substance can be identified by

A) Sublimation C) Chromatography

B) Filtration D) Solvent extraction


Q.103 Which one of the following mathematical expressions represents the Avogadro’s law?

A) V= RnT/P (when ‘T’ and ‘n’ are constant)   C) V= RP/nT (when ‘P’ and ‘n’ are constant)

B) V= RnT/P (when ‘P’, ‘T’ and ‘n’ are constant)   D) V= R nT/P (when ‘P’ and ‘T’ are constant)


Q.104 The root mean square velocity of gases is inversely proportional to the square root of their:

A) Molar mass C) Pressure

B) Temperature D) Volume


Q.105 Plasma is the ionized gas mixture which consists of

A) Ions and electrons C) Electrons, ions and neutral atoms

B) Electrons and neutral atoms D) Ions and neutral atoms


Q.106 Which type of force is present in gasoline?

A) Dipole-dipole forces C) London dispersion forces

B) Dipole-induced dipole forces D) hydrogen bonding


Q.107 In the structure of NaCl, each Na+ is surrounded by _____ Clions.

A) Four C) Five

B) Eight D) Six


Q.108 The charge of one gram of electron is

A) 1.7588 x 10-11 C) 1.602 x 10-19

B) 1.7588 x 1011 D) 1.7588 x 108


Q.109 The ionization energy of hydrogen atom is

A) Zero C) 1313.31 kJmol-1

B) 13.13 kJmol-1 D) 1313.31 k2Jmol


Q.110 Which quantum number helps to study the orientation of an orbital in space?

A) Principal Quantum Number C) Magnetic Quantum Number

B) Spin Quantum Number D) Azimuthal Quantum Number


Q.111 The inter-ionic distance in a crystal lattice of KCl is

A) 314 pm C) 95 pm

B) 181 pm D) 300 pm


Q.112 The number of bonds in nitrogen molecule is

A) One σ and two π C) Three σ only

C) One σ and one π D) Two σ and one π


Q.113 Which one of the following molecules has zero dipole moment?

A) NH3 C) BF3

B) CHCl3 D) H2O


Q.114 A spontaneous process is

A) Unidirectional and irreversible C) Unidirectional and a real process

B) Irreversible and a real process D) All of the above


Q.115 The standard enthalpy of solution of NH4Cl is ____________ kJmol-1.

A) +16.2 C) +4.98

B) -25.0 D) +26.0


Q.116 The Kc has following units for the reaction H2(g) + I2(g) 2HI (g)

A) mol3dm-6 C) mol-3dm6

B) moldm-3 D) No unit


Q.117 0.1 mole of acetic acid has been dissolved per dm3 of the solution, the percentage ionization of acetic acid will be

A) 13 C) 1.3

B) 15 D) 0.1


Q.118 Solubility of Ce2(SO4)3

A) Increases with temperature C) Shows exceptional behavior

B) Decreases with temperature D) Remains constant




Q.119 International rules __________ the number of foreign entrants.

A) Hoodwink C) Fabricate

B) Stipulate D) Traverse


Q.120 The presence of armed guards ____________ us from doing anything disruptive.

A) Defeated. C) Irritated.

B) Excited. D) Prevented.


Q.121 My advice had no ______________ on him.

A) Effect C) Influence

B) Affect D) Impression


Q.122 Do not lose heart, it is just a __________ in the tea cup

A) Wind C) Blast

B) Cyclone D) Storm


Q.123 Pakistan __________ from voting against Iran in the United Nations

A) Prevented C) Abstained

B) Detained D) Refused


Q.124 Please ____________ the door after you.

A) Close C) Leave

B) Shut D) Knock



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