Indo Pak History Mcqs 2

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Indo Pak History Mcqs 2

Indo Pak History Mcqs for the preparation of NTS, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPSC, FPSC, OTS and other academic entry test and jobs tests.  


1. Market control was first introduced in Medieval India by

(a} Sher Shah Suri

(b) Alauddin Khiiji

(c) Balban

(d) Iltutmish  


2. The Vale of Peshawar was the center of the ancient Kingdom of

(a) Indus

(b) Gandhara

(c) Mauya

(d) Aryans  


3.  Consider the following foreign visitors to the Mughal Empire. Who among them were French nationals

(a) Bernier

(b) Thevenot

(c) Tavernier

(d) All of above  


4. Mass conversion to Islam began at the time of  

(a) Babar  

(b) Muhammad Bin Qasim  

(c) Qutb-ud-Din Aibak  

(d) Mahmood of Ghazni  


5. Who was famous by name of the hero of the hundred fights

(a) Ibrahim Lodhi

(b) Behlool Lodhi  

(c) Akbar Lodhi

(d) Rana Sangha  


6. The Great Granary of the Indus Valley Civilization has been discovered at  

(a) Harappa  

(b) Mohenjo-Daro  

(c) Kalibangan  

(d) Lothai  


7. Amir Khusro was a court poet of

(a) Alauddin Khilji

(b) Akbar

(C) Humayun

(d) Shahjahan  


8. The first Battle of Panipat was fought in  

(a) 1526  

(b) 1556  

(c) 1426  

(d) 1326  


9. Indus Civilization is also known as  

(a) Kot Diji Civilization  

(b) Mohenjo-Daro civilization  

(c) Taxila Civilization  

(d) Harrapan Civilization  


10. Which battle marked an end to the Delhi Sultanate in Sub-continent in 1526  

(a) Second Battle of Panipat  

(b) Battle of Gogra  

(c) Battle of Khanwa  

(d) First Battle of Panipat  


11. Alexander the Great arrived in Taxila in  

(a) 316 BC  

(b) 326 BC  

(c) 306 BC  

(d) 226 BC  


12. Babur’s Memories were first written in Turkish. Name the writer .who translated it into Persian  

(a) Abdur Rahman Khan-i-Khanam  

(b) Hafiz Shirazi  

(c) Humayun  

(d) Shah Jehan  


13. The largest is the Indus civilization sites excavated so far are  

(a) Harappa  

(b) Mohenjo-Daro  

(c) Taxila  

(d) Both a and b   


14. When was Babar succeeded by his son Humayun  

(a) 1520  

(b) 1530  

(c) 1540  

(d) 1545  


15. Harappa is four thousand years old city and a contemporary of ancient  

(a) Babylon  

(b) Ur  

(c) Egypt  

(d) All of them

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