Indo Pak History Mcqs 2


Indo Pak History Mcqs for the preparation of NTS, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPSC, FPSC, OTS and other academic entry test and jobs tests.  


31. Which incident brought Sher Shah into direct conflict with the Mughals

(a) Capture of Lohana

(b) Capture of Chunar

(c) Capture of Kanpur

(d) His attack on Delhi  


32. When Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi ascended the throne  

(a) 996 AD  

(b) 997 AD  

(c) 998 AD  

(d) 999 AD  


33. Which Mughal ruler who marched against Sher Shah and the latter saved himself by timely submission

(a) Humayun

(b) Akbar

(c) Babar

(d) Jahangir  


34. Which city Ghaznavids developed as their center of Islamic Culture  

(a) Delhi  

(b) Amritsar  

(c) Lahore  

(d) Peshawar  


35. British East India Company was built first factory in Surat in

(a) 1610

(b) 1612 

(c) 1614

(d) 1616  


36. Which of the following is the greatest achievement of Sher Shah Suri

(a) Construction of Grand Trunk Road) (G.T. Road)

(b) Construction of Lai Oda, Delhi

(c) Construction of Shalimar Bagh, Lahore

(d) Spread of Islam in the Sub-continent  


37. Which city became the city of mosques, madrassas and libraries during the reign of Mahmud Ghaznvi  

(a) Ghaznvi

(b) Calcutta

(c) Lahore  

(d) Multan  


38. Which Mughal Emperor was crowned on the 14th of February, 1556

(a) Humayun

(b) Akbar

(c) Shah Jahan

(d) None of these  


39. First invasion of Sultan Mehmud of Ghazni in subcontinent was took place in  

(a) 998  

(b) 1000  

(c) 999  

(d) 1001  


40. At the time of accession to the throne, Akbar was a boy of thirteen. Who was appointed as his guardian

(a) Bairam Khan

(b) Jalal Khan

(c) Firuz Khan

(d) Islam Khan  


41. Who was known as the “Abductor of Scholars”

 (a) Qutb-ud-Din  

(b) Gias-ud-Din  

(c) Mahmood Ghaznvi  

(d) Shahab-ud-Din Ghori  


42. Which Islamic scholar practically opposed Akbar’s so-called deen-i-llahi

(a) Moin u din Chishti

(b) Hazrat Sheikh Ahmad Serhandi

(c) Data Ganj Bakhs

(d) Hazrat Gaisu Draz  


43. The Sultanate period which tasted for over  

(a) 350 years  

(b) 370 years  

(c) 200 years  

(d) 320 years  


44. Pondicherry, on the southeast coast of India, was a colony of which European power

(a) France

(b) Portugal

(c) Netherlands

(d) Spain  


45. Akbar was succeeded by

(a) Aurangzeb

(b) Shah Jahan

(c) Jahangir

(d) Humayun

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