Directions: Choose the correct synonyms of given words


  1. Unique:

(a) Promising

(b) Limited

(c) Unequalled

(d) None of these


  1. Unimpeachable:

(a) Above suspicion

(b) Out of danger

(c) Acceptable

(d) None of these


  1. Upbraid:

(a) Dwell

(b) Criticise

(c) Speak out

(d) Demonstrate


  1. Untrustworthy:

(a) Staunch

(b) Undependable

(c) Constant

(d) Unfaithful


  1. Unobtrusive:

(a) Clumsy

(b) Discreet

(c) Skilful

(d) Self-evident


  1. Unholy:

(a) Sinful

(b) Profane

(c) Untidy

(d) Retreating


  1. Unequivocal:

(a) Fearless

(b) Variable

(c) Unmistakable

(d) Incomplete


  1. Uncompromising:

(a) Inflexible

(b) Rude

(c) Faithless

(d) Intelligent


  1. Unbridled:

(a) Old

(b) Unrestrained

(c) Easy

(d) Retired


  1. Unanimity:

(a) Total agreement

(b) Firmness

(c) Liveliness

(d) Acknowledgement


  1. Unalloyed:

(a) Pure

(b) Mixed

(c) Neutral

(d) Flawed

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